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Internet connection

We provide internet connection for companies and end customers. We use the technology of remote microwave connections, we also provide WiFi connection in several areas of Prague.

Currently, we provide connectivity at these locations:

  1.  Prague 7 – Holešovice
  2.  Prague 10 - Vršovice
  3.  Prague 4 – Lhotka
  4.  Prague 5 – Strahov

We are currently preparing other locations, as well – Prague 9 – Prosek, Prague 5 –Nové Butovice, to name a few. More information about area coverage available at phone no.: 244 444 000.

Office Complex Bubenská 1 and surrounding area

  • optical network with 800Mb connectivity – blackout secure
  • divided among clients via wireless technologies
  • dedicated connectivity = each customer receives guaranteed connection speed (not spread among several customers)
  • unlimited amount of downloaded data (FUP)
  • symmetric and asymmetric = same speed for downloading and sending processes, or preferred setting with higher sending speed
  • static public IP addresses

Other locations with available Connectivity services

  • Prague 10, Vršovice – see more at www.louze.net
  • Hradčanská location – office buildings surrounding the metro station Hradčanská and the area
  • surrounding the Sparta Stadium
  • We can solve individual company/business connectivity needs in the whole Czech Republic 
  • individual solutions and offers

Our connection can be relied upon for its high degree of availability and security.

We will have you connected very fast after you first inquire with us.

Get in touch with us

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