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Webs, apps, adverts

We have a team of experienced professionals and external workers for all steps necessary for creating internet presentations, systems and mobile applications from the draft to design to subsequent maintenance, marketing, and SEO.

Websites, Applications, Advertisements (Webs, Apps, Ads)

  • We possess a team of own and external experienced professionals to provide all the steps necessary for internet presentations, systems, mobile applications – from the proposal, through the design, implementation, all the way to needed maintenance, marketing and SEO.

Proposal and Design

  • The team of graphics professionals with a lot of experiences in the field provides visually interesting and functional look for your project. We know our way in branding, print materials preparation, and we work with reliable partners in the printing industry.

Editorial Systems and E-shops

  • If there is already an Open-source solution, we utilize it and hence lower your costs significantly. A deep knowledge of Wordpress, Joomla, and other systems is natural for us.

Custom-built websites

  • Do you have a special request? We will design and program a complete custom-buil web, inclusive of the editorial system. We work with Flash, but also with the newest HTML5 technologies combined with the Javascript/jQuery

IT Systems

  • Our experts are experienced in working with the wide IT Systems built for the largest companies in banking and telecommunication industries. In case of a large project, we will set aside your own team of our specialists.

Mobile Applications

  • We offer custom-built mobile applications that can be developed to work with all the major mobile platforms – IOS, Android, WP and Blackberry.

Marketing and SEO

  • We know that a good project is only about half of the success. We know how to spread the word; we will help you market your project and further develop it based on the feedback received.

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